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    Race Teams

    Why Build a Team

    A fun and exciting way to participate in the Trek and Treat is to build a team! A team is any group of two or more participants. Team members can be all ages and a combination of walkers and runners. Teams can be made of family, friends, or co-workers, etc. Participating in the Trek and Treat on a team is a great way to enhance your experience and to make it more meaningful and fun!

    Teams can honor, or be in memory of, loved ones who have battled lung cancer; represent companies, schools, churches or neighborhoods; or simply offer families a fun way to support a great cause. The support of a team makes training, walking, running and fundraising easier. Teammates can motivate each other and win some prizes together!

    A team multiplies the fun, laughter and excitement and makes more of an impact in the fight against lung cancer. Together, along with your team members, you form a force much greater than you can do alone.

    Team Prizes

    There are several prizes for the different type of teams. For an "Adult Team", we are giving a prize to the top fundraising team. For the top fundraising "School Team", we will award a $250 cash prize to spend on either their running club, athletics program, or other physical fitness program. We also be awarding fun prizes for the "Best Individual Costume" or "Best Due or Group Costume." Get creative and show us your Halloween spirit! Winning teams will be recognized through our social media as well as on event day.

    How Do I Build a Team?

    Teams can be formed by asking friends, family, church members, co-workers or neighbors to join your team! You can download and use the Recruitment Letter to build your team.

    Fundraising as a Team or Individual Team Member

    If you want to take it a step further, then it’s time to raise money as an individual and/or a team! Our website has many tools to help you meet your goal. We have sample letters and emails to help you recruit team members, raise money and organize your team. Additionally, you can personalize a team page and your individual page to help spread the message about the fight against lung cancer. You can use the website to send out emails about the Trek and Treat and your personal goals. The “Participant Fundraising Letter” is a tool for team members to use in seeking donations to help your team meet its fundraising goal.

    School Teams

    School teams can raise money in a variety of ways. The easiest way for teams to raise money is from their registration fees. If your school has a running club, that school can include members of the running club on the team as well and other students that are not in the running club. Also, teachers and parents can sign up to represent a particular school. As long as the participant notes the team that are representing, they also do not have to all run the same race. For example, a teacher can run the 10K, while most of the students run the 1 Mile, yet they all qualify to represent their school team.

    Forming a Corporate/Civic Organization Team

    If you are forming a team as part of a sponsorship package or for a business, ask other departments if they want to form teams. You can form one HUGE team for your business or you can divide into smaller teams and compete against each other to see who can recruit the most participants or raise the most funds.

    Register Now!

    You don’t have to wait to form a team before registering. Sign up today and then get your friends and family together to join you. Use our website to create your own team and individual page, which you can personalize with pictures and comments. You can also send out mass emails through our website to your friends and family members. You can register online, mail in a completed registration form or call Amanda Jordan (615) 824-1734 to get more information about this event and forming a team.

      To Start a Team Online:
    • Click on the link on our registration page to access the online registration system.
    • Click on “Register Here”
    • Choose “Start a Team” and follow the prompts to fill out the “Personal Information” page
    • After you fill out the payment information, you will be able to personalize your team page.

    Have Fun!

    Your team can train together and enjoy running down Saundersville Road together as a team. You can make team shirts and have fun with it. If you are fundraising, you can get together and have a garage sale or dinner party to raise money. Businesses can raise money by letting employees purchase certain perks, such as wearing casual clothes, a great parking space, or an extra vacation day.

    Go to the Register page to get started!

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